A Call to Something Greater Than Yourself (Exodus 3:1-10)

(1) Moses was “ready” to encounter God. (In fact, it was God who prepared him.) He was working with purpose, and he was in the right place, at the mountain of God.

(2) Moses encountered God in a miraculous and extraordinary way. We will most likely not share a burning bush experience — this was only for Moses. But every time we come into the presence of God, in his Word, and in prayer, we are indeed on holy ground, in the presence of the great I Am. The miracle of communing personally with the Holy God through His Holy Spirit is just as amazing. Let us be humbled by God’s condescension to speak with US!

(3) If not in the burning bush, how do we encounter God?
(a) Creation (Psalm 19:1; Romans 1:20)
(b) Conscience (Romans 2:14-15)
(c) Christ (Hebrews 1:1-3)
(d) Scripture

(4) Who does God reveal himself to be?
(a) the Almighty “I Am,” self-existent and eternal
(b) a personal God — although he is spirit, human terms are used to describe his personal interaction with his people — I have seen their suffering, I have heard their cry.
(c) a loving God — ready and willing to rescue his people, these people who were special and loved by him.

(5) The call to Moses was a big call, for a big move of God in history and in his plan of redemption. We may not realize it, but God’s call to us is JUST AS BIG. For us to participate in his great plan of salvation is beyond comprehension, and every part of our work for this, from the smallest kindness of the widow’s 2 mites, to the faith of Rahab and of Ruth, to the great boldness of Esther — all come together to fulfill God’s plan in eternity.

(6) It is beyond comprehension that God would entrust such an important task to a man like Moses. But the invitation is to take this God — who chooses, reveals, and calls — seriously. Until we take him seriously, we will not take his call seriously.

(7) We have been given the same mission as Moses, to bring his people out of Egypt — to lead the unsaved out of bondage to sin and into the light of the Savior. This is way bigger than us. BUT GOD WANTS TO USE YOU!

(8) How are you responding to God when he reveals himself to you? How are you responding to his call?

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