Church Unity (1 Corinthians 12:12-31)

When one member of the body isn’t functioning as it should, the whole body is affected. When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

If you are a believer, you are part of the one body of Christ. Not just the independent, Bible believing, tithe giving, missionary sending, Baptists, but all believers in the Lord Jesus. And he is not only a member of this body, but he is the head. This is bigger than us — Jew, Gentile, male, female, slaves, free, American, and not — Jesus is head over all.

There are marks of this one body. Baptized and indwelt by the same Spirit. Sharing one communion meal.

As ridiculous as it would be for an eye or an ear to be all by itself or excluded from the body, so ridiculous it would be for one who belongs to Christ to not be part of the body. So why different members? Because each one has its purpose.

So why aren’t the members doing their part?

1. Because they feel inadequate

Join the club! We are all inadequate. God “adequates” us. If we aren’t careful we covet and complain. Ravi Zacharias is such a great preacher. I want to be like him. Why didn’t you give me that gift?

The hand says, I’m not a part of the body. But it doesn’t change the truth. Just because we feel inadequate, it doesn’t change that we were bought by the blood of Jesus, and he has a purpose for us.

2. Because they feel independent

We are not where we are because WE chose this, but because HE has chosen it and put us here. We must rely on one another, because we are not self-sufficient. The body was never meant to work this way. People who are self sufficient are also self absorbed.

3. Because they feel insignificant

There is no inferior limb! Your work is not worthless, even if no one sees it. You don’t see the heart, or what it does, but without it, you’d be hard pressed to keep on living!

Insecurity happens when we are too busy thinking and are not trusting God. God has placed so much in you, there’s no room for insecurities for inadequacy. And there’s no room to be self-sufficient. God has given us what we need to be effective for him.

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