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A Broken Chrysalis

Dear Lawndale Baptist Church Family,

As we prepare for Easter, I am reminded of a story by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, titled A Broken Chrysalis. In his  story he tells that he once had a collection of caterpillars that he kept in a shoe box. I think it is a beautiful picture of how Christ took our bondage and made it His own.

We don’t have permission to put the article on the website, but you can read it here: A Broken Chrysalis, by Robert F. Wilson.

When Christ rose from the dead He proved that not only does He have power over death, He has absolute power over everything. Every battle we will ever face, we have already been given the victory over! Every broken heart has already been mended! Every answer to every problem has already been solved. His conquering the grave gave us victory over sin and death. Yet at times we go back to the chrysalis that kept us bound. John 8:36, “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.”

Lawndale, I pray that you live your lives as though HE IS ALIVE! For He is, forevermore! A very happy Easter to you all!

Pastor Matt


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