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Announcements for Sunday, February 4, 2018

Deacon’s Benevolent Fund

There is a plate in the foyer for the Deacon’s Benevolent Fund. This fund is used to meet needs within our church family.


Constitutional Change Request

Posted in the foyer is a request for a Church Constitutional Change. A special congregational meeting will be held next Sunday to vote on this Constitutional Change, and will be the only item discussed. Members, please be mindful of this.


Congregational Business Meeting

In preparation for the upcoming March Congregational Business Meeting, nomination forms and a list of open positions are in the foyer. Please be mindful of this. The box will be in the foyer until February 18.


Children’s Choir

Children’s choir will practice immediately following the morning service. Please note there will be no children’s choir next week due to the congregational meeting.


Spring Concert Presentations

Music and rehearsal schedules for the spring concert choir are available today.  Please see Alice IMMEDIATELY following this morning’s service.


Special Music

There is a sign-up sheet in the foyer for special music for the months of February through June.  Please consider sharing your talents with the congregation.  Thank you.


Bible Study Materials

We still have Bible Study Materials available for both the Gospel of Mark study and the Fearless Conversation study. The Fearless Conversation Study will continue tonight. Information on meeting places is in the foyer.


Baptism and Membership

If you have accepted Jesus as your personal Savior, but have not been through the waters of believers baptism, or have been baptized and are interested in joining Lawndale in membership, please see Douglas White as we are starting to form classes.


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