Sunday School is a place and time where God’s children learn they are loved by God through the warm fellowship and inviting/creative study of the Bible. There are age appropriate classes for children and adults to further each of their faith journeys.

The Goals of Sunday School:
1. Raising up children in the knowledge of the Bible and love of God to become full participants in congregational life.
2. Surrounding children and adults with a faith family that knows and cares for them.
3. Providing a collaborative forum for Bible study and life application.

All Sunday School classes start at 9:15 am and end at 10:15 am.

Building Locations

With 10 or more classes meeting each Sunday, we have to spread out across Lawndale’s campus. To help you find the right place to be, this photo shows the names of the three buildings where classes are held. (A list of classes is below.)


Children’s Classes

Classes for younger children meet in the basement of the church building:

  • Beginner’s Class / Nursery. For children up to age 3, taught by Ginny McCarraher.
  • Age 4 – Kindergarten. Taught by Cindy Van Reed and Dede Crossley.
  • 1st to 3rd Grades. Taught by Ginny Ramsay and Hazel Peatman.

The following classes meet in the church annex, which is the building next to the church.

  • 4th to 6th Grades. Taught by Janet White.
  • Jr. and Sr. High School. Taught by Ben and Beth Brous.

Adult Classes

  • College & Career (Ben Vaders, Steve Ferrigno in the 1st floor annex) fellowship and study designed for high school grads, 20s, 30s. ¬†We are beginning a discussion-based study of Hebrews and the different covenants between God and man.
  • Adult Elective Class (Joe McAvinney, Jeremy Ramsay in the church sanctuary): topical study currently focusing on Jesus’ teaching through the Parables (expected to complete in July 2016).
  • Adult Elective Class (Peter Silvestro in the 2nd floor Victoria House): We go verse-by-verse through a book of the Bible. Currently we are in Daniel (expected to complete in June 2016), to be followed by Revelation.
  • Women’s Class (Deb W, Diane M, Marge S in the 1st floor Victoria House): See the slides at the beginning of the service for complete details!