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Pastoral Search ~ Job Description & Church Profile

Pastoral Job Description Overview

Lawndale Baptist Church is prayerfully seeking a gifted and godly man called by God to be the full time pastor of our church. 

Lawndale Baptist Church is located in the Northeast section of Philadelphia.

Our shepherd needs to have the biblical qualifications as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.  He should be ordained by a recognized, responsible church body, and he should be a member in good standing of his current church. The ideal candidate should preferably have a Master of Divinity or similar seminary degree, and he should have previous pastoral experience as an assistant, associate, senior, or solo pastor.  He must embrace and hold to the doctrines as stated in the Doctrinal Statement of Lawndale Baptist Church.

As the main preacher and spiritual leader of our church, a pastoral candidate must have a thorough understanding of redemptive history, embrace a literal grammatical-historical interpretation of Scripture, and be able to preach and teach God’s Word in a clear, compelling and practical  manner. Our pastor should have the gift of pastor-teacher (Ephesians 4:11-12), and while he may not have the formal gift of being an evangelist, he should still do the work of an evangelist and be eager and able to clearly and winsomely share the Gospel in group settings and with individuals (2 Timothy 4:5).

Other pastoral duties include but are not limited to hospital visitation, shut-in-visitation, general visitation of church members and church visitors, pastoral counseling, serving communion, believers baptism by immersion, baby dedications, weddings, and funerals.  While our pastor is an ex officio member of all church committees, he is required to attend the Board of Deacons and Board of Trustees meetings. As the only full time employee of the church, our pastor is required to be the first responder both to church facility needs as well as to the physical and spiritual needs of the congregation. Our pastor, however, is not responsible for the routine maintenance of the church’s facilities; this responsibility falls under the purview of the Board of Trustees. Our pastor will activate the prayer chain when needed. Our pastor is responsible to the Board of Deacons and is expected to be a visible, active and vital part of our church family. 

If our pastoral candidate is married, we understand that his wife is not being called or hired by the church to a formal position. However, we do expect that our pastor’s wife would be completely supportive of her husband’s ministry as the pastor of Lawndale Baptist Church, and that she too would want to be an active member of our church family. 

Church Profile

To find out more about us, check out our church profile here: Lawndale Baptist Church Profile


If you are interested in exploring whether the Lord might be calling you to shepherd His flock here at Lawndale, please contact us at Please tell us a little about yourself and attach your resume/curriculum vitae as a pdf or MS Word document. We look forward to hearing from you!

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